Kieran Meaning - Origin and Names

Kieran Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Derived from the oghamic etymon "Ciaran", Kieran translates as "black", "brown" or "dark".

The first mentions of the name Kieran in the French civil status date from the 20th century, but it remains a relatively discreet attribution. This name signed its record year in 2002 with approximately 61 awards.


Kieran Read, New Zealand rugby player, Kieran Hebden, English electronic music artist known as Four Tet, Kieran Hanrahan, radio host and Irish traditional music artist, Kieran O'Brien, British actor ...

His character :

The Kieran are men of great persuasiveness and proven intelligence. Ordained and responsible, they always draw up a plan or strategy before making decisions. They always propose efficient and rational solutions, having no difficulty in imposing their points of view. The Kieran have a great thirst for knowledge, which they satiate with their curiosity and their passion for different cultures. Versatile, they have the ability to master different areas at once, without having scattered ideas. With a pragmatic and practical mind, the Kieran prefer to take their time to think instead of making hasty choices.



His party :

The Kieran are celebrated on May 3rd.

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