Ketsia Meaning - Origin and Names

Ketsia Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In the Hebrew language, the name Ketsia refers to a shrub whose bark is used in perfumery.


In the Old Testament, the Bible mentions a Ketsia who would have been Job's second daughter.
In The Vampire Diaries, Qetsiyah is one of the most powerful witches who helped restore the balance between good and evil.

His character :

Elegance made woman is the first thought that comes to mind at the sight of the slender pace and graceful step of Ketsia. Desiring to please, she attaches great importance to her appearance. Her undisputed taste for fashion reinforces her charm and appeal to the opposite sex. Naturally naive and dreamy, Ketsia seems permanently lost in thought. She is not far from it. This dreamy girl has a little trouble keeping her feet on the ground. Often, his idealized world view prevents him from being clairvoyant and realistic. Nevertheless, this trait of his personality will gradually fade with age.
Despite its immense seductive potential, Ketsia will never use it to manipulate others. Being strong and courageous, Ketsia prefers to succeed on her own. She places her pride and esteem well beyond such tricks.
Great beauty lover, Ketsia will excel in the field of art, decoration or fashion. Thanks to her meticulousness, this talented soul will easily find a way to professional success.


Quesiah, Kezia, Qetsiyah and Keziah.

His party :

Ketsia is honored on the 5th day of October.

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