Name Juline - Meaning of origin

Name Juline - Meaning of origin

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Meaning of the name:

Juline is a feminine given name of Latin origin. It means "young" or "child of Jove". Juline is a variant of "Julia", the feminine of "Julius", family of Iule, which means "bearded downy". "Julius", Roman surname, gave birth to a plurality of male and female first names, like Juline.
The name Juline who appeared in France around the 1980s has never known the same popularity as its variant "Julia". He could seduce you.


No known Juline yet ... your little princess will change that?

The Juline celebrate their first name with St. Julie Billiart. This French nun is the founder of the "Sisters of Notre Dame", an institute created in the 19th century. It aimed to train the underprivileged of Belgium and France. Dead in 1816, Pius X beatified her in 1906 and Paul V canonized her in 1969.

His character :

Of a shy nature, Juline is not one to show off. She rarely takes the first step and avoids speaking in public. Without being totally erased, Juline is more spectator than actress. From an early age, she is rather casual and prefers to escape in her thoughts. However, along with her family and friends, Julie was funny, mischievous and expressive.


Julya, Julie, Julianne, Juliana, Joletta, Jeweleah and Julyne.

His party :

The Juline are celebrated on April 8th.

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