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Visit to health specialists

Visit to health specialists

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Pediatrician, homeopath, dentist, ophthalmologist ... At the beginning of the school year, do not hesitate to consult them to take stock of the health of your schoolchild. What's the point ? When to consult? How to find it? What are the good questions to ask?


What can I expect from him

  • The pediatrician monitors the physical and psychomotor development of your child. Weighing, measurement of head size and head circumference are regularly recorded to follow the evolution of its growth. It evaluates your child's reactions to certain stimulation based on his age. In parallel, it carries out all the obligatory vaccinations and informs you on those which are recommended. Finally, he is at your disposal for any relationship problem between you and your child.

I ask him the right questions

  • In case of high fever, what is the right attitude to adopt?
  • Is BCG still relevant for my child?
  • What signs can I recognize a food allergy, respiratory?
  • If necessary, can I reach you easily?

I consult him

  • Traditionally, a visit is required at the beginning for some checks: your child sees it well? Is its growth normal? Does he need preventive treatment against winter diseases? Then, the consultations can be spaced out. It's all about your child's health and the legitimate concerns that can tease you!
  • And case by case: if your child has a high fever, if he loses weight, if a rash of pimples appears, if he refuses to eat, if he is sad, apathetic, without enthusiasm.

I find it

  • For practical reasons, the ideal is to look for a specialist close to your home. Make sure, however, that the person in question can be consulted quickly and agrees to give advice over the phone. It's nice, especially if it's your first child. The key is to establish a relationship of trust.

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