A website to help men live better in the MPA

A website to help men live better in the MPA

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Every year, about one in ten couples use the Reproductive Health Assistant. While the focus is usually on women, fathers are sometimes a little forgotten. To better surround them, the Biomedicine Agency has created the first website for them.

Each year, 25,000 to 30,000 couples turn to a procreation health center (MPA) and more than 20,000 children are born with this technology, or 2.4% of all births. If attention is usually focused on the mother-to-be, what about dad?

How to live the medical assistance to procreation?

  • The biomedicine agency decided to give the floor to the men and especially to support them in the steps related to the MPA. When to consult? How does the first consultation take place? How to live the announcement of infertility? How is a spermogram going? What are the differences between all assisted reproductive technologies? Should we talk to his entourage?
  • This website is intended to answer all the questions that future dads could ask and they are numerous.
  • Videos addressing these different points are also available and we share the experience of several men concerned by the MPA. We thus find the testimony of Philippe, who confides how he experienced the failure of the 4th IVF or Arnaud who speaks of his isolation during his efforts.

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