Your child 5-11 years

A laptop, good idea?

Your child is clamoring for a mobile phone. And he is not short of arguments: practical, the object of his desire will allow him to remain reachable and thus reassure you ... and then all his friends have one! Is it not too early? The advice of our specialist, Estelle Nicoud, clinical psychologist.

What is the problem ?

  • Your child. He is obsessed. Without a mobile phone, he fears going for a draw with his friends.
  • You. You hesitate. Okay, you will end up getting his request ... but is not it a little early?

The laptop, a means of empowerment

  • An almost unavoidable object of modern life, the mobile phone is a vector of socialization: it allows children to call each other, to text, to remain connected after school.
  • It is an object of integration and emancipation that contributes to the necessary movement starting at this period: your child begins to move away from the family circle to expand his circle of friends. In his eyes, not having a laptop, it's a bit like being marginalized and excluded from the community of friends ...

What has to be done

  • Ritualize the event, have a laptop, it's not nothing.
  • Grab an opportunity like college entrance.
  • Empower your child and make a contract together: a secure package, a basic model that does not go on the internet and will be off at school and home during homework, limited communication time ...
  • What to tell him. "What would you say to a laptop for your passage in the 6th? It's a big step!"

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