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A newcomer arrives

A newcomer arrives

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Today, Patrick our Super Nanny, a "big" leaves the fine team. And a little guy arrives, Lubin. First meeting and contacts at the summit. How will he be welcomed?

  • There is change in the air. Tristan leaves us, I just learned from the mouth of his mom. Move. Yesterday we said goodbye to him. Sam and Bambi have struggled to achieve, the time will help them. For my part, I had, as always, a twinge in my heart. Children are not files that we close and I will not forget it anytime soon.
  • I do not have time to relax anymore, a new resident has appeared this morning. Lubin, a cute 13-month-old babe became a star in the dream team.
  • A change never comes alone, Bambi has just been admitted to school. Fatou, her mother, wants her to go only in the morning. I will get it back at 11:30 every day, Wednesday not included. I'll have to erase my agenda!
  • Lubin's mother stays with us today. I introduce the places, explain their operation and gradually introduce Lubin into this familiar world that Sam and Bambi, who have their bearings, have early make exclusive.
  • Lying on the waking mat, Lubin grasps hoops and manipulates cubes. Not far away, Sam, ready to pounce, watches over his favorite workshop while Bambi watches him out of the corner of his eye.
  • "Come say hello to Lubin," I said softly to the one who became the matriarch of the troop.

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