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An exercise to channel the energy of my child

An exercise to channel the energy of my child

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Your child can not channel his energy? Propose him to perform the exercise of the "Great Volcano". This breathing sequence will teach him not to get carried away by his excitement and to find calm after the game.

What is the Grand Volcano exercise? (3 to 10 years)

  • 1) Find a calm and lie on a mat or towel.
  • 2) Lying, eyes closed if you wish, imagine that you are like a big volcano all red! When you breathe air through your nose, you feel the hot lava rising in you. It starts from your belly and it goes up along the chest, then the throat ...
  • 3) Blow your mouth, the lava goes down in your belly gently, and it calms you. Continue to inhale and exhale until you feel calmer.
  • 4) Now, imagine that a soft rain comes to bring freshness on the volcano. He no longer produces lava, he is asleep. And you, you feel a lot of calm and peace.
  • 5) Imagine a beautiful blue sky after the storm, like in summer!

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