Name Jibriel - Meaning of thumbs

Name Jibriel - Meaning of thumbs

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The Arabic etymology of Jibriel, Gabriel's Arabic transcription, is "servant of God".
Gabriel is a Hebrew male given name. It is composed of "gabar" and "el", which means "to be strong" and "god" respectively.


Among the popular Gabriel, we can mention Gabriel Marcel (literary critic, playwright and philosopher French), Gabriel Péri (politician and resistant who lost his life during the Second World War), Gabriel Byrne (producer, director, screenwriter, writer and Irish actor ), Gabriel Faure (composer and French musician of the 19th century) and Gabriel Garcia Marquez (writer of Colombian origin who received the Nobel Prize for literature), Gabriel Batistuta (famous Argentine footballer) or Gabriel Voisin (one of the preceptors of French aeronautics).

Saint Gabriel, celebrated on September 29, is one of the three archangels often mentioned in the biblical scriptures of the Catholic and Islamic religion. He is the messenger of God and one of the angels closest to God. The saying associated with this saint is "Saint Gabriel brings good news", referring to the Annunciation (from the birth of Jesus to Mary).

His character :

Jibriel is an altruistic, loyal and generous man with a sense of friendship. Despite his integrity, the importance he attaches to values ​​and his idealism, Jibriel is a dynamic, ambitious and determined man.


Gabriela, Gabriele, Gabriella, Gabriello, Gabrielo, Gaby, Gavrilo, Djibriel, Jibreel ...

His party :

The Gabriel are celebrated on September 29th with Saint Gabriel.

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