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A little news arrives

A little news arrives

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It's decided, Bambi now stays full-time in kindergarten. And the Super Nanny team is about to welcome a small replacement. First contact, first word, smile ... A new story will begin.

  • Fatou told me during the holidays: her daughter Bambi will not come anymore. She integrates full-time kindergarten. She will be missed. In my album, I'll keep a picture of her smile. The smile is what's left.
  • Chime ring. I open the door. On the threshold, her replacement, perched in the arms of her mother, fixed me without flinching. Fine, black hair framing a porcelain face in which two slanted eyes gleam.
  • I invite the Korean parents to come in, focusing my attention on the lovely little girl they soon introduce me.
  • "So is your name Zouzou? It's pretty, you know? "
  • His face remains marble. She fixes me. In his eyes, no apprehension, just an immense and calm curiosity. She squeezes a stuffed panda.
  • "And he," said I, pointing to her, "is his name?"
  • The blanket is the shortest way to reach the heart. For any answer, she compresses him in the hollow of his neck and leans his head on him.

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