A drop in testosterone in new dads?

A drop in testosterone in new dads?

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According to a US study published in the Annals of the US National Academy of Sciences, becoming a father would lower testosterone levels in men.

  • If the decline in libido and hormonal shock is known in young mothers after delivery, it is more surprising to learn that it also affects young dads.
  • To arrive at this conclusion, the authors of the American study followed 624 men aged 21 to 26 during four and a half years in the Philippines. During this period, about a third of participants became fathers for the first time.
  • Researchers found that in these men, testosterone levels were lower than in others.

Time for an emotional adjustment

  • A biological reality, which is also found in other animal species, which would allow the father to be more present for his child, to take more responsibility without being obsessed by his sexual urges.
  • "Being a father and assuming the stresses of a newborn's arrival requires an important emotional, psychological and physical adjustment, and our study indicates that a man can experience substantial biological change to help him cope with these newborns. requirements, "says co-author Lee Gettler of Northwestern University.

Stéphanie Letellier

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