A smoke detector ... good idea!

A smoke detector ... good idea!

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Fire is the second leading cause of death by household accident in children under 5 years of age. Installing fire detectors is an effective way to reduce these accidents.

A home detector, why?

  • The installation of at least one smoke detector (Daaf) in residential areas is mandatory. The goal is to save some 800 lives a year and reduce the number of people burned (around 10,000 a year). France was one of the last Western countries not to have an obligation to install Daaf. This will be mandatory as of March 2015.

Which model ?

  • There are many manufacturers of smoke detectors, carbon monoxide sensors and fire-fighting products. Choose a model that carries NF certification, a guarantee of reliability, reliability and compliance. In addition, this standard assures you the simplicity of installation, the efficiency of the detection, the non-vulnerability to disturbances of the environment, the alarm signal to wake a sleeping person and the end of life alert of the pile.

A smoke detector, how much does it cost?

  • Between 15 and 25 €. Easy to install, just screw it to the ceiling.

A site and an educational kit

The Kidde company, world leader in the market of the prevention and the fight against the domestic fires, proposes a teaching kit and a site ( in order to make the children aware of the dangers and the good behaviors to adopt face fire. and to make known to those who intervene with children.

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