Name Jean-Lou - Meaning and origin

Name Jean-Lou - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Hebrews, Latin

Meaning of the name:

This name results from the combination of John (God is merciful in Hebrew) and Lou (Latin lupus meaning "wolf").


French engineer Jean-Lou Cameau, French politician Jean-Lou Blachier, French rider Jean-Lou Bigot.

His character :

The name Jean-Lou is often associated with a reserved and discreet man. Shy of nature, he will never take the first step to go to others, it will help him out of his shell.
Intelligent and very intuitive, he likes to devote himself to his loved ones and will always manage to succeed in life, putting his shyness aside to achieve his goals.



His party :

No date is attributed to Jean-Lou in the calendar.

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