Name Jean-Jacques - Meaning and origin

Name Jean-Jacques - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

The name Jean-Jacques is of Hebrew origin: Jean is derived from "Yehohanan" which means "God has given grace" and Jacques, from "agev" meaning "heel". Very fashionable until the early 1950s ... it is now more rare.


Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778), one of the founding fathers of political philosophy, the French director Jean-Jacques Annaud (The Name of the Rose, The Bear ...), the composer and singer Jean-Jacques Goldman, the journalist Jean-Jacques Bourdin or the comedian Jean-Jacques Peroni.
Many career choices for your little wolf!

The patron saint of Jean-Jacques is Jean-Jacques Olier of Verneuil (1608-1657), a French priest who created the order of the priests of Saint-Sulpice. Saint Jean-Jacques is known to have contributed to the evangelization of Canada.

His character :

The Jean-Jacques feel a permanent need to be admired by those around them ... Often in doubt, they expect their loved ones to reassure them. Their highest quality? They avoid conflicts as much as possible but in the case of an inevitable confrontation, they roll up their sleeves to defend themselves. No but !


Evan, Gian, Gianni, Giovanni, Jacquot, James, Jan, Jimmy

His party :

Jean-Jacques is celebrated on April 2

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