Be beautiful and organic!

Be beautiful and organic!

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You want to do good for your body and the planet! Buy organic beauty products. All information to select the right care.

What is an organic care?

The products of conventional cosmetics have components from the petrochemical industry. Manufacturers of organic products must respect the following constraints:

  • Eliminate the preservatives (parabens) often replaced by essential oils.
  • Select raw materials from organic farming.
  • Spread the dyes, synthetic perfumes, phenoxyethanol.
  • Exclude paraffin and silicone from oil.
  • Refuse tests about animals .
  • Use natural components : waxes, floral waters, vegetable oils.
  • Choose the ingredients among the 260 allowed.

The different labels

To make sure you choose an organic product, there are different labels:

  • Ecocert: it requires 95% of ingredients of natural originthe remaining 5% must be on a shortlist, including 5 conservatives.
  • Organic cosmetics: it requires 95% of certified organic vegetable ingredients.
  • Eco cosmetics: in these products, at least 50% of the total plants come from organic farming.
  • BDHL label: defined according to the specifications of a German association of industrial and commercial companies.
  • Cosmos: this European label will eventually replace all national labels.

Which organic product to choose?

  • They respect all skin types and their ranges have expanded a lot.
  • A choice : deodorants, shower gels, shampoos, masks, makeup removers, sun products ...

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