Jaroslaw Meaning, origin and definition

Jaroslaw Meaning, origin and definition

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This masculine given name is very common in the countries of Eastern Europe. It refers to fame or glory with its suffix "slaw".


Jaroslaw Gowin is a Polish politician, Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz was a twentieth-century Ukrainian writer, Jaroslaw KaczyƄski is a Polish politician, former president of the Polish Council of Ministers, Jaroslaw Dombrowski was a Polish officer who served in the Russian army. He participated in the Polish insurrection of 1863, Jaroslaw Walesa is a Polish politician ...

His character :

Jaroslaw has a balanced character, source of his convictions. He is rarely discouraged when he undertakes something. In addition, he has a chivalrous side that regularly pushes him to stand up for the weak and to devote himself unceremoniously to his loved ones. Jaroslaw is a born leader who places great importance on justice. He has a great will and is very efficient in what he undertakes.


Jaroslav, Jaros, Jaro, Jaromir and Law.

His party :

No feast day known to the people named Jaroslav.

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