If men could be pregnant ... the results of our survey

If men could be pregnant ... the results of our survey

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The fantasies of male pregnancy have always existed. Seductive or absurd idea? We conducted the survey asking you what you thought about it. You answered, your spouses too ... Here are the results.

  • We know that men are not ready to wear babies! "Developing a technique for carrying out a pregnancy would be extremely complex, and nothing says that society will ever have the motivation to move in that direction and undertake this work that would not meet any medical need and would the only goal of being at the service of a fantasy, "says Henri Atlan *, a biologist and philosopher.
  • It is clear, it is to be there in the register of a crazy idea. But why deprive yourself of looking into your dreams and fantasies? This is often an opportunity to learn more about yourself and the other. In this case, the reactions of men and women to this deliberately extravagant assumption: "And if men could be pregnant" were highly instructive. Thanks to them, we know more about the way men and women consider parenting, about the relationships they maintain over the cradle! Figures and analyzes in support.

Women, attached to this "privilege"

  • "If advances in medicine allowed, would you let your spouse be pregnant for you?" More than 6 out of 10 women respond categorically. Astonishing, no? One would have thought that they would be more likely to seize this opportunity to delegate this procreative "task" sometimes presented as a burden, even an alienation of the body of the woman. To believe that this type of feminist speech is not recipe ... That is not surprising sociologist Christine Castelain Meunier **: "Even if women claim gender parity, they do not want undifferentiation. maternity gives them a positive distinction, a specificity to which they are very attached, "she explains.
  • Behind this strong desire not to let go of this "privilege" of pregnancy, the child psychiatrist Stéphane Clerget *** sees a real challenge of identity. "Renouncing motherhood would also mean giving up femininity, because centuries of education have established the tenacious principle that a woman who does not have a child is not a fully accomplished woman", insists -t it.
  • And those - 4 out of 10 - who would totally agree to let their man be pregnant in their place? More generous than the average? Perhaps, but not only ... "Among them, there are certainly very anxious women, even phobic of pregnancy.This is not so rare.They also who have a hard time losing control over their body which is metamorphosed inevitably when they are pregnant.All these women would like to be mothers without going through the pregnancy box! I think they would be just as favorable to the use of an artificial uterus or a surrogate mother, "said Corinne Antoine ****, psychologist.

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