Car seat: CLE remembers safety rules

Car seat: CLE remembers safety rules

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Curly suitcases, sunshades on the window: you will take care of the details to take the road of the sun as a family. But have you checked the principal? The French Federation of Toy and Crafts Industries recalls that a high-performance car seat remains the best guarantee of children's safety by car.

Alarming figures

  • According to a study by the FJP and the Mothers Institute Barometer, 49% of children under 3 years old have traveled badly or not at all! And holidays are often the source of these bad practices. Children entrusted to grandparents for a trip to the country without taking the time to explain the proper installation of the car seat, a rental car poorly equipped, a short ride to the beach with children on their knees : risk situations multiply when the vigilance of adults relaxes.

A custom seat

  • Everyone has their car seat: this is the principle to follow to choose a model adapted to their child. Two regulations are currently in force: ECE R44 / 4 classifies the seats from group 0 to group 2/3, depending on the age and weight of the child. More recent and more precise, the UN R129 regulation (or I-Size standard) refers to the size of the child. Both meet demanding safety standards. For more information, you can download the "What car seat for my child" guide published by the CLE.

A neat installation

  • Models evolve to offer even more protection and comfort. But the best of the market will only perform its functions if properly installed. If you buy a car seat in a specialized store, do not hesitate to ask the seller for a scenario in your vehicle. Otherwise, scrupulously respect the sometimes somewhat complex indications of the instructions. It is better to test the manipulations several times before starting on the roads.

A fake good deal

  • Security does not mix with the second choice. Yet 18% of parents have already purchased a used car seat. A misplaced economy because the seat may no longer meet current standards. If it is supplied without notice, its good installation will not be guaranteed. Finally, if it has been damaged in a collision, even without visible evidence of deterioration, it will no longer provide its initial protection function.
  • Are the seats of your children well insured? You have the green light to go on holiday safely.

For more information, visit the CLE website

Elisabeth Tzimakas