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Selkirk, the real Robinson Crusoe

Selkirk, the real Robinson Crusoe

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Watch with your children Selkirk, the real Robinson Crusoe, the story of a sailor abandoned by his crew on a desert island. An intense animated film, made with puppets and shot frame by frame in Uruguay.

What is the story ?

  • An ambitious young sailor goes to sea in search of treasure, aboard the ship Esperance, under the orders of the unsympathetic Captain Bullock. But very quickly, his arrogance causes the wrath of the crew. Sekirk is dropped on a deserted island ... until a boat comes to his aid. This is the true story that inspired that of Robinson Crusoe
  • Tell your child that this film is an adaptation of the true story of Alexander Selkirk. Born in 1679, this Scottish corsair was abandoned on the Juan Fernandez Islands off Santiago de Chile. He inspired forty years later Daniel Defoe's novel. Your children from 6-8 years adore adventures, pirates, desert island on which they must fend for themselves ... they will be conquered, from 6 years, by this story.

A puppet film full of details ...

  • Realized in stop-motion, image after image, with puppets of iron, wood and modeling clay, the characters of this first Uruguayan animated film are very expressive.
  • Your child will particularly enjoy the terrifying tricks of pirates! Your elder will be sensitive to the path of the hero who will develop certain values, once alone in contact with nature ...
  • By Walter Tournier, KMBO Kids, 1:15.
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