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Sam has two houses

Sam has two houses

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Sam's 2-year-old parents are separating. The news broke this morning. How Patrick, our Super Nanny tenderness, will he intervene?

  • I watch Sam pushing his little train. The noise is hellish. In his mouth, it gives "chu tchou". Straddled on the locomotive, he perched Pouffi, his blanket, a rabbit that was probably white one day. My heart is tightening.
  • Jeanne, her mother, stayed longer than usual this morning. We folded in the kitchen while she explained to me, the defeated features, that she and her husband had decided to separate. It would have been enough for me to pull a thread of his speech so that his narrative was going away in full but I stayed on the edge of his confession, very professional, detached limit, asking questions only about the changes that this decision would entail for Sat.
  • "We would like you to keep it as long as possible until my husband finds a new apartment, and then everything will depend ..."
  • "Yes, I understand, is Sam aware?"
  • "We told him he was going to live in two houses soon."

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