Shortbread emojis

Shortbread emojis

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For a birthday party or a special party, these shortbread Emojis will necessarily brighten your day but especially impress your greedy! Quickly, discover these shortbreads specially made by Anne-Sophie of the Best M6 Pastry Chef.


  • 14 round cookies
  • 250 g yellow sugar paste
  • food felt
  • pink food powder
  • food glue
  • red sugar dough
  • blue sugar dough
  • white sugar dough
  • pink sugar paste


Spread the yellow sugar dough 3 mm thick with a roll on a smooth surface lightly powdered with icing sugar. Use the round cookie cutter to cut 12 circles of yellow sugar dough. Lightly coat the shortbread with food glue with a brush. Place a yellow circle on each shortbread and smooth with the palm of the hand to adhere well. Place the shortbreads on a sheet of baking paper on the baking sheet. Bake for about 20 minutes at a minimum temperature (30 ° maximum) in ventilation mode then let cool 5 minutes or let dry overnight (it is easier to draw on sugar dough a little dry).

Cut out some small red hearts (for the heart's eyes), some small white circles (for wide-eyed ones) and some small blue hearts in the different finely spread sugar pastes. Cut the blue hearts into 2 and round them slightly to make tears. Use the round cookie cutter and a thin knife to cut out tongues in pink sugar dough.

Once the circles of yellow sugar dough a little drier, attack the decoration with food felt. Draw the mimicry of your favorite emoji / emoticons directly on the sugar dough. Use a black normal food marker for details and a brushed food marker for large areas (such as the inside of mouths).

Paste the small sugar paste elements to complete the expressions of your various emoji / emoticon shortbreads with a point of food glue. Finish by applying a little pink food powder on the cheeks of emoji / emoticons that blush. Let the food felt dry a few minutes before eating (or not if you find them too beautiful) ...