Route des vacances: 4 tips for a serene journey

Route des vacances: 4 tips for a serene journey

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This is the big departure for the holidays with your baby or your grand? Car, commute, motion sickness ... to remember nothing, here is a little overview of the points to check.

Before D-Day, your checklist ...

1) The car

  • You remember the day where you had to stop on the highway urgently to get gas? Your baby who was sleeping soundly awoke hungry ... We will not take you back! So the day before the day, fill up, check the tire pressure and check the different levels: oil, washer fluid, radiator water. Finally, install sunshades and control your toddler's car seat. Security requires.

2) The road

  • Involve your child showing him on the map where you are going and where you are going. On the road, explain to him the meaning of the simplest road signs: the lights, the stops. His favorite will probably be, on the edge of the woods, "Bambi's dad who jumps". It means we can cross deer, deer, pheasants, hares, etc. Enchanting, no?

3) Water

  • Attention, the body of your baby is two-thirds of water. Be farsighted, you are not safe from a cork on the road! Remember that your baby does not yet know how to regulate his temperature or ask for a drink, so offer him a bottle of water often. Also plan a small vaporizer to moisten it if it is very hot, and enough water for the whole family!

4) The kit

  • Health side, it is better to prevent ... Small memento: Cocculine is effective against nausea transport, to give the day before, the same morning and at the time of departure: 3 granules 3 times a day.
  • To relieve insect bites, think of the soothing Baby Apaisyl cream. Add to your paracetamol health kit ... Sunglasses, hats and sunscreen index 50 are mandatory! Spread the cream from the start.

Agnes Barboux

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