Find a nice breast after breastfeeding

Find a nice breast after breastfeeding

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After weaning baby, many young mothers are surprised to see their breast diminish. But with some tips, it is possible to remedy. How to find and firm up your breast after breastfeeding? Our advices.

Pregnancy, breastfeeding: has your breast changed?

  • During pregnancy and under the hormonal influence, the chest almost always takes volume. However, after the baby weaning period, it gives the impression of suddenly decreasing. Will your breast change because of breastfeeding? Everything will depend on the degree of firmness of the connective tissues. However, just after weaning, most women feel they have a flatter chest. This phenomenon is also common, earlier, in women who bottle feed.
  • Medically speaking, it is quite normal that after the cessation of breastfeeding, the breast is transformed: the glands in the breasts have atrophied, the skin that had formed on it is now a little too generous and the reserves of support fat, which had accumulated during pregnancy, have run out.
  • This does not mean that there is nothing to do ! Even if the breast has no muscle, the more the skin and connective tissues are irrigated and the more the chest muscles are stimulated, the better the chest.

Cold water helps firm up your breast after breastfeeding

  • Cold water tightens the tissues and allows you to firm your chest. Shower each breast alternately, for ten seconds, with hot water then cold water by making circular movements for about a minute. This tones the walls of the blood vessels and strengthens the fibers of the tissues. Push-up effect assured!
  • The bravest can opt for a more radical method : instead of using cold water, prefer ice cubes. With cold shock, the pores of the skin shrink while the cells' irrigation and energy supply are stimulated.

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