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Au Pair Recruitment: Let an agency take care of it!

Au Pair Recruitment: Let an agency take care of it!

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Welcoming an "au pair" requires great vigilance in recruiting candidates. Better to go through a specialized agency.

An agency: to avoid worries and limit the damage!

  • To welcome at home an unknown person, moreover of foreign origin, requires adjustments and adjustments. Not easy to live together!
  • The language barrier, and sometimes the cultural barrier, can often be a source of misunderstandings that can become disproportionate.
  • For this specific type of care, we can not advise you too much to delegate recruitment to a specialized agency.
  • These agencies provide guarantees on the legality of the candidates' stay.
  • They select them rigorously with proof to support! Each candidate is presented with a complete file, including a cover letter, verified references, a criminal record check, a recent medical certificate, photos and all other useful documents.
  • They ensure that your candidate benefits from social security.
  • These agencies also provide the guarantee that your "au pair" has understood your expectations, and you theirs!
  • In case of misunderstanding, they offer mediation and problem solving. If necessary, they take care of the replacement of your "au pair".
  • They also organize meetings to help "au pairs" establish new contacts and facilitate their integration into the host family.
  • For all the information on this type of care and contact details of agencies, get closer to the French Union au pair agencies, UFAAP.
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