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Babysitter recruitment: what if you go through a specialized agency?

Babysitter recruitment: what if you go through a specialized agency?

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Finding the person to punctually guard the apple of your eye is a heavy responsibility. This requires guarantees and you do not necessarily feel the soul of a GR inspector. Why not go to an agency specialized in recruiting babysitters?

Delegate, what a good idea!

  • To find your babysitter, you always have the opportunity to rely on word-of-mouth or to consult the classified ads displayed in the shops in your neighborhood.
  • A favorite job for high school students and students, it is not the proposals that are missing ... which is not always a guarantee.
  • There is no formal training for babysitting. The only requirement is the minimum legal age of 16 years.
  • It is therefore not obvious to be able to guarantee certified guarantees. Especially since you can not joke with the safety of your child.

Which agency?

Some authorized and specialized agencies offer to take charge of your recruitment.

  • With all-terrain casting techniques, they are committed to finding you the babysitter that suits you.
  • Some of these agencies organize training sessions so that their workers have enough knowledge about the young child, domestic safety ...
  • Little extra: for a fee, these recruitment agencies offer to take care of all the administrative management of your employee. Contract, declaration, payslips ...
  • You will not necessarily ruin yourself! Be aware that by contacting an accredited agency, you can benefit from CAF assistance and a tax credit.
  • To find out more about these accredited agencies, visit the National Agency for Human Services website.

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