Mom's recipes: bet on the leek

Mom's recipes: bet on the leek

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A precious source of vitamin B9, or folate, rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, the leek is a favorite food during pregnancy. Especially since it is not very caloric. Discover its assets and our future mom's recipes to enjoy.

Why leek during pregnancy?

  • Source of vitamin B9, or folate, leek is a favorite food during pregnancy. Folates allow the expansion of maternal tissue and fetal growth. They play an important role in the prevention of anemia and in cell formation. Deficiency can lead to abnormal placental development, delayed growth, neurological abnormalities such as malformations of the baby's future spinal cord, called "neural tube closure abnormalities", and an increased risk of prematurity.
  • It is also high in fiber, ideal for fighting constipation during these nine months.
  • Other nutritional assets, it contains vitamins (group B, C, A, E), minerals and trace elements (potassium, vegetable iron, phosphorus, magnesium ...) and antioxidants.
  • Another advantage of this leafy vegetable, it is very rich in water and low energy : 29 kcal for 100 g raw and 25 cooked.
  • An advice : also eat green leaves that contain more vitamins and fibers that effectively stimulate the transit.

Our future mom recipes around the leek

Cod with leek fondue

Leek pie

Crumble of leek and celery

Leek-mushroom-potato soup

Light flank leek turnip

Risotto leeks, carrots and gourmet peas

Chicken aiguillettes with leek cream

Pie with leeks and carrots

Ham and leek pie