Taboo issue for childbirth

Taboo issue for childbirth

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"I have a question that I do not dare to ask, when you give birth, when you push, is there a risk of peeing or having a bowel movement?" Marianne Benoit Truong Canh, midwife, answers Yami's question.

The answer of Marianne Benoit Truong Canh, midwife and national counselor

  • It is important to have the bladder empty at the time of birth. During childbirth, the pushing forces can stretch its fibers when it is full. It must therefore be emptied systematically before. If you are under epidural, you will not be able to urinate alone and it will be emptied with a small urinary catheter. If not, the midwife will suggest you to urinate during your "work" and before your delivery.
  • It also happens that some women evacuate their stools because they are the same muscles that are solicited. You will then be offered an enema - suppository or gel - at the beginning of your work.
  • Know that it happens rarely and that this is not a problem for the team that will be with you during your delivery.

The mothers' point of view

  • "Before each of my births, the midwife gave me some enema to do to limit this kind of risk.I gave birth five times and no accident of this type.In fact, it depends on the way you shoot. hence the value of attending childbirth sessions, you have no reason to worry, the staff is used to it and, in any case, they will not be offended if it happens. " Magali
  • "As far as I'm concerned, the midwife gave me a suppository for bowel movements before giving birth, but before that I had tried to find out which one would be the most effective and the best was a suppository. This was enough and I had no problem, do not hesitate to talk about it during your last prenatal visit to reassure you. " Sophie.

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