What slippers for his feet?

What slippers for his feet?

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In front of a pair of slippers big as the thumb, admit that you crack like his mom! But is it really useful or only pretty? Both.

When to put on slippers?

  • Pediatricians, orthopedists and other chiropodists, are unanimous: a toddler must walk barefoot, it is good for the development of his arch! On the other hand, if your floor is cold or slippery, put slippers on it, but not just any ...

Which slippers to choose?

  • Soft leather, a comfortable material that keeps your extremities warm in the winter (and cool in summer!) and allows your baby's feet to grow without being compressed.
  • With a non-slip sole, which prevents your apprentice walker from slipping on the lino, the tiles or the parquet ...
  • washable (Even the leather models!), the slippers will last longer, because if your child sweats a lot, it will be necessary to pass them in machine or to throw them away after some time!
  • Also prefer a model with a antiperspirant foam soleit will be very useful against bad smells and for the comfort of your little one!

What precautions?

  • Make sure that the slippers do not wear no metal fasteners or trinkets to prevent your child from getting hurt by wearing his feet to his mouth.

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