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When will he be able to go up the stairs?

When will he be able to go up the stairs?

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As soon as your child begins to walk, he climbs on the chair, climbs the table ... But then why is he doing so badly to climb the stairs? There are good reasons. Details.

Stairs: to each his own rhythm

The learning of the stairs is a notorious landmark in the psychomotor development of your childas well as the acquisition of walking or language. It shows whether or not your toddler master the coordination of his movements and whether he has acquired a good postural balance. Remember that all this is very progressive and begins in the first months, with the maturation of his nervous system, but also a good dose of training. Not so easy. Here are some pointers:

  • In principle, at 10 months, your child has experienced the four legs. Then he walked.
  • Around 15 months, he is attracted by the inclined planes, including the stairs.
  • Two months later, he is able to climb the stairs. With a help of course, ramp or arm, and non alternately: one foot joins the other on each step.
  • He will only be able to descend them at around 19 months, still standing and joining his feet with each step. It is indeed easier to climb, the center of gravity being "precipitated" downwards when it is in the direction of the slope.
  • Around 24 months, your child goes up and down alone, but always with both feet on the same step.
  • Ten months later, finally, he climbs alone, alternating his feet.
  • He will do the same thing, side descent, only around 3 years and half. If his grandmother tells you that he can climb the stairs when his sphincter muscles are strong enough, do not believe it! Both actions each follow their own motor maturation.

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