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Prevent 4 winter diseases with homeopathy

Prevent 4 winter diseases with homeopathy

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This year, would you like your child not to catch cold from the first winter frost and resist the flu? This is the right time to start homeopathic protection.

The 3 basic medicines for a healthy winter

To help your child resist winter viruses, whatever they are, here are the three homeopathic medicines to have in your medicine cabinet to boost your defenses.

  • 1 weekly dose of Oscillococcinum at the beginning of autumn, when temperatures begin to fall, until the end of winter.
  • 1 daily intakeEchinacea during winter. It strengthens your child's immune system and helps them fight viruses.
  • 1 daily intake of trace elements (copper or silver), in the form of ampoules or tablets, to reinforce, there too, its immune system. To be taken as supplements of the other two medicines.

Depending on the diseases to which it is most sensitive, you can refine this general prevention, case by case.

1. Prevent colds

  • Dry throat, runny nose, sneezing ... Infectious rhinitis of infectious origin is caused by different viruses, which explains re-infections and the frequency of episodes during the winter. Community life makes it even easier for children to communicate with each other. These viruses circulate all year, but are more intense from autumn to early spring.
  • The prescription If your child is prone to colds, plan for 5 granules per day of Allium Cepa or Kalium Bichromicum for colds and crusts in the morning. If the symptoms appear anyway, strengthen the catches, 4 to 6 times a day to stop them.

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