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Prepare a dictation of words

Prepare a dictation of words

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"Chat", "find", "around" ... these are some of the words in the list that he must remember for tomorrow. What's the point, how does it work in class and how do you help your schoolboy? Our advices.

  • At CP, then regularly at CE1, your child must learn a list of words. These are not unknown to him. These words relate to a sound or text worked in class. The objective is to lead your schoolchild to a sound phonetic spelling and to get him the orthographic form of the most common words.

When does it start?

  • From the beginning of the year, a number of tool words - articles, prepositions, conjunctions, but also vocabulary words - are recognized and learned by heart because of their frequency of use (see and print the list of these words by clicking here).
  • Other lists are composed according to the sound studied in class, for example the sound o and all his writings: beautiful, too, too much. In general, ten words are to be memorized. Either the teacher gives them at the beginning of the week, or the set of lists of words to learn for a trimester is pasted on a notebook and worked progressively.

In class, how long does it last?

  • Usually, three 10-minute sessions in the week are planned on this theme. A first on Monday to discover the new list, a second on Thursday with exercises to prepare the evaluation and, of course, the evaluation itself on Friday or Saturday morning.

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