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Cleanliness: is it ready?

Cleanliness: is it ready?

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Go to bed! How to help your child to take the potty step, without rushing or too impatient? 11 questions to take stock!

Can we know when a child is physically ready to go on the pot?

  • To be clean, a child must have gone through several physiological and psychological stages. It is necessary that the muscles of the sphincter have acquired a good tonicity, so that it is able to retain the materials and to release them. He must also be able to interpret his bodily sensations that tell him he wants to pee or poop. He must also want to grow, or he agrees to grow: leaving his diapers, he enters the world of the big.

Are there signs that indicate he can be ready?

  • From the anatomical point of view, the nerve conduction allowing the small child to perceive these sensations and to control his sphincters is finalized between the 9th and the 24th month. Meanwhile, his nervous system is not mature enough yet. It is during the second year that the neurological maturation of the child progresses rapidly.
  • You can deduce that he is able to control the opening and closing of his sphincters when you see him perform a number of actions. For example: to get up easily when he falls, to go up and down stairs alone, to shoot in a balloon in a certain direction, to manage to carry a bucket of water ... when a child does that he is physically ready to become clean. He can be 18 months, 22 months or more!

Yet many children become clean much later, why?

  • Because neurological maturation is not enough: sphincter control is not enough. It is also necessary that the child has reached a certain degree of psychological maturation.

How do you know if a child has reached this psychological maturation?

  • By observing it. If he is able to offer one of his toys to someone he finds sympathetic, even if he retires afterwards, if he likes to play to place the objects in a container, if he makes decals games, if he is proud of his acquisitions and likes to be congratulated, he is psychologically mature. He then has between 18 months and 24 months

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