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Cleanliness of day ... then of night: the stages

Cleanliness of day ... then of night: the stages

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Every child has his rhythm! This training period of cleanliness will take years and requires a good dose of indulgence and patience on your part. How to know if he is ready? When will it be clean during the day and then at night? Problems of bedwetting, enuresis ... Our file.

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Cleanliness: is it ready?

Go to bed! How to help your child to take the potty step, without rushing or too impatient? 11 questions to take stock!

I take stock.

Pot: is he ready?

You would like your grandfather to learn how to use the pot. And then, the prospect of entering kindergarten is very motivating! But is he really ready for the pot? How to help?

Clean way of use.

When will it be clean?

From the fetus who pee without a qualm in his amniotic fluid, to the child of 2 or 3 years claiming the pot to voluntarily make his needs, there is a long way to go: that of the acquisition of cleanliness. Step by step, here is how to accompany it.

Cleanliness: our advice.

Clean: 15 tips to learn the pot

The layers are good, but it's long! You would like your toddler to abandon them and become clean. To put the odds on your side, follow our 15 tips to teach him the pot.

No more diapers!

Approach cleanliness without stressing

Like most parents, you can not wait for your child to get rid of their diapers. But everyone's rhythm! The advice of Popi magazine and a story of Little Brown Bear on the pot.

Our advices.

Quiz: toilet training

Go to bed? But is your child ready to go on the pot? To help you spot the right time and help you learn to tame the cleanliness, we've put together a little test. Let's go !

I test my knowledge.

Clean at night? Patience!

After the cleanliness of day ... place to that of night! There, everything starts at age 3, but it takes time to remove her diapers permanently at night. Our tips to help him.

Our tips to help him.

Well pee, it can be learned!

For the urinary health of your child and the preservation of continence during his life, it is essential to teach him from the acquisition of cleanliness good reflexes when he goes to the toilet.

Cleanliness: good reflexes.

Clean this summer: 4 back roads

It is not enough to remove the child's bed on sunny days so that it becomes clean! Make and destroy sandcastles, collect seashells, eat with your fingers ... Emmanuelle Rigon, psychologist, explains how these diverted paths favor the acquisition of cleanliness.


Expert Answer: Help him become clean

Learning to clean is sometimes a stress for families. But do not panic, taking things simply, without pressure, your child will soon become clean! The point with the 2016 edition of "I raise my child" Laurence Pernoud.


10 tips to help him become familiar with the pot

Swapping diapers for the pot is not easy for a toddler. Do you feel it ready? How to help him tame this new friend? We go around in 10 questions.

The quiz.

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