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Progress of the summer: hi friends!

Progress of the summer: hi friends!

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Go to others, learn to live with them in good spirits: a long apprenticeship that you can encourage this summer. Maryvonne Le Gall, a nursery psychologist, explains how.

A promising example

  • Summer is the season of endless aperitifs on the terrace with friends and large family tables. Do not sulk these summer habits, they are excellent for your child! He finds that you enjoy being with other adults, he bathes in this atmosphere of conviviality. Who knows, it could even make him want to let go a little, you mom, to also go to meet friends of his age ...

Not too far from my mom!

  • At the nursery or at school, by dint of seeing each other every day, the children get to know each other. On vacation, it's more complicated! If your child wants to get in touch with someone else, he or she must do something voluntary.
  • But to get to a little stranger, he needs to feel safe: without tracking him, always stay in his field of vision.
  • So, if he turns to give himself courage, you can smile or give him a small wave. And most importantly, he will be able to come back quickly if your attempt ends in failure!

Take it, it is for you !

  • He distributes shovel, rake and bucket to all the kids on the beach? Do not get mad at him, you'll have plenty of time to recover his property later. In a toddler, the introduction is often done by the gift of objects. His way of saying, "I wish you were my boyfriend." So, let him do it.

SOS little shy

  • For a long time, he has been watching intensely a group of children his age playing a few steps away from him. In his amazed gaze, you feel that he is dying to join them, without daring to take the plunge. Give it a little help, you will not be an abusive parent!
  • The sociability is not innate, it is acquired little by little, with the support of the adult. Why not offer a balloon game to all these children? Just leave on tiptoe when the first ice is broken.

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