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Progress of the summer: ahead!

Progress of the summer: ahead!

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Your toddler is about to take his first step or has just started? To accompany your apprentice walker this summer and help him gain confidence, follow the advice of Isabelle Devanne, psychomotor therapist.

Barefoot on the sand

  • The beach is the place to take off shoes and sandals and leave your feet in the open air, on the lookout for new sensations! Of course, your toddler will be first destabilized by this soft soil that seems to be shirking. But soon, his brain will process the new information collected and restore balance. And if two minutes later your baby wanders on the wet sand, much firmer, then in the water, again he will adapt to these new supports.
  • The more the balance is solicited in various situations, the more perfect it is. Let him walk as often as possible barefoot, in the grass, on the tiles of the terrace, in the rubber pool ...

In the assault of small rocks

  • At the edge of the beach or in a walk in the forest, you will surely encounter small rocks or tree stumps. Encourage your young fighter to climb, of course, staying close to avoid falling.
  • To hoist, he will push on his legs just waiting to build and wear with more confidence. In climbing, he will work the coordination of his upper and lower limbs.
  • In walking, the legs can not work without the arms. Used by the novice walker as real rockers, they play a vital role in his search for balance.

Balancing on a trunk

  • A tree trunk lies down in the forest? Quick, get your kid on it to play the tightrope walker! With one hand, you will hold it and, on the other hand, you will draw his gaze three steps further, for example by making the puppet. This is the secret of balance: do not focus your feet but the point towards which you are heading.
  • Small tips that will become reflexes, provided they use them often.

In pursuit of the ball

  • For a toddler, it is very difficult to throw a ball without losing balance and fall forward, a bit as if he was hanging on his projectile!
  • How to make a launcher a little more stable? Staying behind him when he throws his balloon and gently holding it by the shirt. Little by little, you will hold him less and he will learn to maintain his own balance.
  • Another advantage of the games of spear: by watching the ball that goes away, your child learns to evaluate the distances, the depths of fields. As much information as it needs to better perceive its environment and avoid stumbling or bumping against the first hurdle.

Fang in leg

  • Learning to walk is learning to fall, especially at the beginning! So do not hesitate to make little "crook-paws to laugh" to your child. Obviously on soft ground, grass or sand. Just as obviously by keeping it in its downfall. This will allow you to see if he has the good reflex to first put his hands on the ground. If he does not, explain to him how to cushion his fall!

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