Name Susie - Meaning of origin

Name Susie - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

Variation of Susie, Susie comes from Hebrew shoshana, resulting in "fleur de lys".


Australian actress Susie Porter, Canadian-American actress Susie Almgren, American actress Susie Essman, American director and director Susie Dietter, British actress Susie Amy, American swimmer Susie Atwood, US fencer Susie Scanlan Montreal jazz singer Susie Arioli, American model Susie Castillo, Montreal gypsy and cellist Susie Napper, British race car driver Susie Wolf, Australian swimmer Susie O'Neil ...

Suzanne lived in Rome during the third century. Senator Gabin's daughter, she converted to Christianity. Desiring to respect her vow of virginity, she refused to marry the son of the Emperor Diocletian. She was then martyred in 296.

His character :

Susie is dynamic and hyperactive. She is in perpetual motion. Hating the routine, she lives up to an hour and does not hesitate to train her peers with her. With Susie, the days promise to be animated. Subjected to a touch of emotion, she is very expressive and receptive. Just as she knows how to appreciate the small pleasures of life, she can worry about anything. A bit fanciful, Susie is full of imagination. It tends to embellish or dramatize a situation. Creative, it turns out to be somewhat marginal. His manner of dressing, his behavior and his speeches are unique, which attracts the sympathy of those around him.


Suzanne, Suzie, Susanne ...

His party :

The people named Suzie are honored on August 11th.

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