Japanese names: that of poetry

Japanese names: that of poetry

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Emiko, Aiko, Sakura, Michiko ... if you are looking for an idea of ​​original and poetic name for your baby, head for the names ("namae" in Japanese) of the country of the rising sun. They are full of beauty ...

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Japanese names: only poetry (20 photos)

Japanese names: Emiko


"Child with great beauty" or "child with blessed beauty" is the meaning of the name Emiko. Nice pledge of promise for a princess! In Japan, many names given to girls end in "ko". It means the child, the smallness, in Japanese, which evokes sweetness. The syllable "mi", it evokes beauty. We trust them with their eyes closed!

Japanese names: Aiko


Composed of "ai" which means love, and "ko", the child, here is a pretty name that literally means child darling. Ideal for your little darling and give him great confidence in life! FYI, this is the one given by the Japanese Emperor Naruhito and his wife Masako to their daughter.

Japanese names: Ichirô


Thumb ! Here is a sweet name of a little boy. From "ichi", first and "rô" son, this first name means the first son. In Japan, many Japanese male names end in "rô" to indicate the place in the siblings: Ichirô meaning the first son, Jiro, the second, Saburo, the third, Shirô, the fourth, etc. Good idea, no?

Japanese names: Akira


There, we stay focused! Akira means intelligent, clairvoyant in Japanese. It's a pretty common name in the Land of the Rising Sun. It was worn among others by Akira Kurosawa (1910-1998), the most famous Japanese director (The Seven Samurai). He is also a well-known manga and Pokémon fan.

Japanese names: Kaori


Want a perfumed name? Kaori means the perfume in Japanese. He gives himself as well to a girl as to a boy. A famous Kaori? Judokate Kaori Matsumoto who won the gold medal at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Japanese names: Sakura


In Japanese, "sakura" refers to the cherry blossom and is also given as a first name. In Japan, flowers are of paramount importance and girls' names often refer to them. This ephemeral flower is a real symbol in Japan. During the Second World War, it was also a symbol used to motivate the Japanese people.

Japanese names: Hiroshi


Generous, that's what this name means that is widespread in Japan among little boys. A celebrity? The businessman Hiroshi Yamauchi, who led the company Nintendo.

Japanese names: Nara


Nara means oak in Japanese. This female name also exists in English speaking countries where it means "loved" ... a beautiful name for your future love baby, no?

Japanese names: Hayato


This name means "falcon" in Japanese and is intended for little boys ... piercing eyes like this little cap! It is also the name of a people of ancient Japan, the hawk-men. A celebrity? The director Hayato Date.

Japanese names: Daisuke


Daisuke is composed of the Japanese words dai "big" and suke which means "help". Your little loulou will be a great help! A celebrity? Japanese singer Daisuke Ono.

Japanese names: Yoko


This is a nice name for your princess who means child of the sun in Japanese. It is the artist Yoko Ono, born in Tokyo in 1933 and wife of John Lennon who made this name known to us.

Japanese names: Hanae


From "hana", flower, and "é", drawing. This name means beautiful flower or blessed flower of the gods in Japanese. It is worn, among others, by the fashion designer and costume designer at the Hanaé Mori cinema, a pioneer in fashion in Japan.

Japanese names: Issei


A name full of sweetness for your little boy! The term "first generation" refers to Japanese who are born in Japan but have emigrated abroad. Its Issey shape is worn by the famous couturier Issey Miyake.

Japanese names: Michiko


Of "michi" wise and "ko" child, means the child who is very wise ... that tempts you? This name is well known in Japan because it is that of the wife of the current Emperor Akihito, first commoner to have married a member of the imperial family.

Japanese names: Chichiro


In Japanese, this name means "depth". He made his name in France with Hayao Miyazaki 's animated film The Voyage of Chichiro. For your future traveler?

Japanese names: Takeshi


In Japanese, the word takeshi means bamboo but also someone brave ... a whole program for your little end! A celebrity? The actor Takeshi Kitano.

Japanese names: Ayumi


Progress, here is the meaning of this sweet girl name. The pop singer Ayumi Hamasaki gave her a boost in Japan.

Japanese names: Keiko


In Japanese, this name meant for girls means "child of joy or respectful child" ... a whole program. This is the name of the Japanese singer KCO, whose real name is Keiko Yamada.

Japanese names: Takumi


He who is clever, ingenious ... here is another name full of promise! Do you like it for your little loulou?

Japanese names: Hayao


Designating a "lively" person, this male name became famous in France thanks to the famous Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki.