Flower first names: an outbreak of sweetness

Flower first names: an outbreak of sweetness

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Of course, there is Rose or Marguerite in the flower names ... but not only! Nature has sown many other ideas that we will make you discover. Nao, Lilian, Capucine or Lilac ... here are 25 names of flowers for your future baby.

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Flower first names: an outbreak of sweetness (25 photos)

Flower names: Rose

Like Marguerite, it's a common flower name. Symbol of love and beauty ... it may well suit your love to you, especially as this name flourishes in the civil status today. His party : August 23rd.
More information about the first name Rose

First Name: Dalia

It is to a Swedish botanist Anders Dahl that this beautiful flower from the warm regions of Mexico takes its name. An original name that you can also write Dalhia or Dalya. His party ? October 5th with Fleur, of course.
More information on first name Dalia

Flower names: Nao

A flowered name for a baby boy. Nao means peach blossom in Vietnamese, but also honest in Japanese. He is Party with Naomi, to whom he is attached, on December 24th.

Flower first names: Marguerite

Persian margiritis, meaning the pearl, it is undoubtedly the best known and the most pronounced floral names! A name of character carried by queens and also by a saint who would have struck down a dragon ... by strangling him with his belt. His party : November 16th.

Flower first names: Lilac

Nothing to do with the flower, because this name was first of all a diminutive of Elizabeth in the Anglo-Saxon countries. He is Party July 27th. You can also write it Lila, like the daughter of Mélissa Theuriau and Djamel Debbouze.

Flower names: Hanaé

Japanese words hana, flower and é drawing, the first name Hanae (or Anaé) means blessed flower of the gods. An original and sweet name that might please you. He is Party with Hannah on July 26th.

Flower first names: Elodie

Did you know ? Elodie means wildflower or fragile flower in Greek ... His party : October 22 for Saint Elodie beheaded in Cordoba in the 9th century. You can also crack for one of its derivatives like Elodia or Ellie!

Flower first names: Hortense

Latin hortuswhich means garden, this name with retro charm could please you. It is celebrated on January 11 in honor of Saint Hortense, bishop of the third century. A mixed first name so!

Flower names: Jacinthe

... for a girl, or Hyacinthe for a boy, let yourself be seduced by these names from Greek Hyacinthos, hyacinth. Their party: August 17 for girls and January 30 for boys. not jealous !

Flower names: Narcissus

From the Greek "narkê" which means sleep here is a nice name of boy who evokes us especially the beautiful Narcissus who drowned while contemplating himself in the water, fell in love with his reflection ... At the place where his body was found ... had grown white flowers. A rare name, it is true that it is not easy to wear! His party : October 29th.
More information about first name Narcisse

Flower names: Anemone

Flower that opens under the effect of the wind ... that's the meaning of the Greek word anemone. Anemone Party October 5th with Fleur.

Flower first names: Daisy

In English, day's eye refers to our daisy ... It is mostly found in English and Dutch countries. Original, is it a cute name for your little flower? His party : November 16th.
More information about first name Daisy

Flower first names: Iris

Rainbow, that's what it means iris in Greek. A name of flower, but also the name of the messenger of the gods of Greek mythology who used to communicate his messages through a scarf in the colors of the rainbow. An omen of bright future for your princess. His party : September 4th.

Flower names: Capucine

A pretty name that evokes a flower, a round too ... and one of the first names of flowers to spread in France in the twentieth century. Full of sweetness, it's an ideal name for nature lovers. His party : October 5th with Fleur.

Flower first names: Yasmine

... or Jasmine, as you please. Both come from Persian yasamin or Arabic yasaminand smell good jasmine ... and beautiful days. His party : November 24th or October 5th
More On Jasmine

Flower first names: Flora

Latin flos, floris, "the flower", Flora is more popular than Fleur, probably thanks to its softer "a" ending. It is the name of the goddess of Vegetation in Roman mythology. Please ? His party : October 5th.
More info about Fleur

Flower names: Eglantine

Latin aquilantum, sting, the wild rose is the flower rosehip, a wild rose. A spicy name that should please you if you are looking for originality. His party : August 23 with Rose or October 5 with Fleur.

Flower first names: Lilian

A name of a boy with flowers! Lilian comes from Latin lilium, lily. You can also opt for Lylian! His party : July 27th.
More information about Lilian

Flower names: Violette

> Sweetness and sensuality ... that's what the violet evokes. Which earned the name a certain popularity during antiquity and the time of the revolutionary calendar, where it was celebrated on February 28. Do you bring it up to date? His party : October 5th.

Flower names: Camellia

A very rare and expensive flower, the camellia was the symbol of success in the 19th century. This beautiful name may bring luck to your princess. He resurfaced a few years ago, probably helped by the singer Camélia Jordana. His party : October 5th with Fleur.
More information about first name Camélia

Flower first names: Anthéa

This is an original name that means "flower" in Greek. And if it's a boy, why not opt ​​for his male version, Anteo. To celebrate October 5th with Fleur.

Flower names: Leilani

Want an exotic name? Meaning "flower of paradise" or "celestial crown" in Hawaiian, Leilani will seduce you perhaps ... or one of its derivatives: Lailani or Leilany.

Flower first names: Azalée

An original idea for your little flower, Azalea comes from Greek Azaleos meaning "desiccated". To celebrate October 5 with Fleur since this name has no date of celebration.

Flower names: Aravane

Worn by tennis player Aravane Rezaï, this girl's name means Violette in Persian. Nice, no?

Flower first names: Garance

The madder, a yellow flower that gave the name to a color ... well red, that obtained with its roots. Germanic wratja, which means "guarantee", Garance is a name full of character that is celebrated on October 5th.

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