Given names ending in O: they are too beautiful

Given names ending in O: they are too beautiful

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Oh ! Enzo, Cléo, Timéo, Calypso, Hugo ... the names ending in O have a little Latino side that appeals to parents. And you, will you be seduced by our selection?

Karine Ancelet

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Given names ending in O: they are too beautiful (20 photos)


From the Hebrew "mattahia", gift of God, this masculine given name is the Italian version of Matthew and it is popular. Why ? Because it brings together all three criteria to success. Mathéo includes Théo. Written with an "h", he understands the most classic Matthew. Finally he presents the ending in "o which the French love so much!" St. Matthew, the tax collector of Galilee and one of the twelve apostles, followed Jesus faithfully, noting with precision his words to give birth to the First Gospel. .


Looking for a name for your princess? Think of Calypso, from the Greek "kalux", chalice of a flower. In Greek mythology, daughter of the god Ocean and Thetys, Calypso was a nymph considered the queen of the mythical island of Ogygia, where she collected Ulysses, whom she tried to seduce in vain, before keeping him captive. It is also the name of Commander Cousteau's oceanographic vessel ... and that of a ship in Jamaica. His birthday: November 10th.


From the Latin "aemulus", rival, this boy's name is derived from Emile. St. Emile was martyr in Carthage in the third century. He first renounced his faith under torture and then recovered himself, reaffirmed his faith and was burned alive. His birthday: May 22nd.


This male chivalrous name derived from Arnaud comes from the Germanic words "arn", eagle, and "waldran", to govern. It's a name that can be found mainly in the German-speaking countries and in the Basque country. Saint Arnauld, Bishop of Metz, was the grandfather of Charlemagne and the tutor of King Dagobert. His birthday: February 10th.


This masculine classic comes from the Germanic "brunja", which means armor ... hope it will protect baby. In the Germanic religion, Bruno was one of the nicknames of the god Odin. Saint Bruno, born in Cologne, founded the Carthusian order in the eleventh century. His birthday: October 6th.

Hugo (or Ugo)

Derived from Hugues, it is one of the favorites for parents of boys. This name comes from the Germanic "hug", intelligence. His patron saint Hugues, great defender of the poor, was bishop of Grenoble. He founded a hospital, built a bridge and helped Saint Bruno settle in the Chartreuse mountain. His birthday: April 1st.


Even if it's the name of a car, this feminine first name seduces the parents. It comes from the Greek "klêio", which means to celebrate, to sing. Clio is the eldest of the nine Muses spawned by Zeus and the goddess of Mnemosyne Memory. She is the muse of history and is often represented crowned with laurels, holding a trumpet and a book. His birthday: November 10th.


Male name, this derivative of Henry (Enrico in Italian and Heinz in German) was invented by the Germanic emperor Frederick II, lover of Italy, who in 1239 thus called his son, king of Sardinia. Diminutive of the Italian first name Laurenzo, Latin laurus meaning "laurel", Enzo has gradually dethroned his master over the years and is now a name appreciated by parents in France. His birthday: July 13th.


A name too cute that comes from the word "nin" which means in old Breton elevation, summit. In Italian, Nino is often a diminutive. His birthday: December 15th.


An original idea for a little boy! This derivative of Yves comes from the Germanic "iv", the yew. Saint Yves was a priest and ecclesiastical judge at the Rennes court. As a preacher, he became a spiritual advisor and made his home a refuge for the poor. He is the boss of lawyers and notaries. His birthday: May 19th.


Diminutive of Santiago, Tiago is the Portuguese form of Jacques. Saint James, a disciple of Christ and brother of St. John the Evangelist, was martyred and put to death by Herod Agrippa. His remains rest in Spain. His birthday: July 25th.


Bao is a mixed first name that suits both girls and boys. In the Chinese language, Bao means "praise", "treasure", "jewelry" or "precious", while in Vietnamese it means "protection". A beautiful name for baby, right? No feast date known.


Another darling for boys parents! Leo comes from the Latin "leo", meaning lion. This name has for patron saint Pope Leo I, who in 451 recognized the Virgin Mary as the mother of God and saved Rome from the hordes of Attila. His birthday: November 10th.


The masculine first name has two possible origins. Either it comes from the Greek "nemô", which means to share, or it is a contraction of the Latin word "ne hemo" which means nobody, not a man. You choose ! A name that of course reminds Captain Nemo, commander of the famous Nautilus in the Jules Verne novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and also evokes the Disney film The World of Nemo tells the story of a charming clownfish . No feast date known.


From the Greek "timôn", meaning honor, Timéo is the Spanish and Italian translation of French Timée, the Greek "thimoteos", meaning to honor God. This name has been a huge success since 2006. Her birthday: January 25th.


A name full of love ... that comes from the medieval Latin "romeo", meaning I'm going to Rome. He owes all his fame to the tragedy of Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet. His birthday: February 25th.


This masculine given name comes from the Greek theos, "god". It is a full name since the 80s after being long diminutive first names Theophilus, Theodule, Theophanes, Theotimus, and other Theobald or Theodoric. Saint Théo (or Théau), was a disciple, in the seventh century, of Saint Eloi. His birthday: January 7th.


Female name, Yoko means child of the sun in Japanese. It is the artist Yoko Ono, born in Tokyo in 1933 who made this name known to us. No feast date known.


This male given name of Italian origin is very widespread in the United States. His birthday: June 2nd.


First name still rare in France, Cléo is the diminutive of Cleopatra, very ancient Greek name which means "the glory of the father". For a century and a half, it was the official name of the queens of Egypt. The most famous remaining Cleopatra VII. For your future queen? His birthday: October 19th.

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