Name Ikram - Meaning of thumbs

Name Ikram - Meaning of thumbs

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The name Ikram comes from the Arabic noun "ikrom" which marks the deference and respect. It can also have the meaning of "testimony of honor" or "favor".


There is no celebrity named Ikram.

His character :

Ikram is a lively and communicative girl. Sociable, friendly and charming, she shows a certain reserve. Expressive, she loves to communicate above all. However, it does not open easily to others and fiercely preserves its privacy. Ikram shows a certain mistrust, but that does not prevent it from being frank and direct towards the others. In order for her to lower her guard, it is important to put her at ease, reassure her and make her understand that she is safe. Once his defenses are down, one discovers a being delicious, happy and full of life. Ikram holds firmly to his independence. Hating the constraints, she prefers to follow her own path rather than the one others impose on her. Fantastic and adventurous, she appreciates change and makes new discoveries to expand her horizons. Optimistic and brimming with life, Ikram likes to have fun. With an excellent sense of humor and high speaking abilities, she is able to convince or distract her family. She is also very curious and appreciates to learn about all possible projects imaginable. However, by devoting herself to multiple domains, she ends up dispersing herself and is unable to complete the tasks she has started.


Ikrame, Icrame and Icram.

His party :

There is no party for people named Ikram.

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