First names of Roland-Garros: our favorites

First names of Roland-Garros: our favorites

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Roland Garros, here we go again! And if you chose for your baby a name of champion? Discover our favorite names among the world's tennis players. And select your winner of the year!

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First names of Roland-Garros: our favorites (18 photos)

French Open First Name: Novak

Novak (Djokovic)

From the word novy Novak is a very old name that the Serbs already wore in the 4th century when they arrived in the Balkans. It is also commonly found as a last name in Poland and Slovakia where he is a sure bet ... as the Serbian champion, winner of Roland Garros in 2016! His birthday: no date of celebration known.

French Open First Name: Stan

Stan (Wawrinka)

The Swiss made the surprise in 2015 by winning the cup! First name of champion ... Stan is the English diminutive of Stanislas and comes from Slavic "stan and slaw" which means "stand up and glory". His birthday: April 11th.

French Open First Name: Nick

Nick (Kyrgios)

His real name Nicholas Hilmy Kyrgios, the Australian player owes his name to his father of Greek origin. Nicholas comes from the Greek nikê, "victory" (an omen?), And laos, "people". His birthday: December 6th.

French Open First Name: Rafael

Rafael Nadal)

An angel name for the Spanish champion ... Rafael is the Hispanic form of Raphael, Hebrew Rephaelwhich means God has healed.
Like Gabriel, the Archangel Raphael was sent by God to young Tobit to introduce him to Sarah, his future wife. Saint Raphael is the patron saint of travelers.
His birthday: September 29th.

French names: Pablo

Pablo (Carreno-Busta)

Even if his name Pablo comes from the Latin "paulus", which means small, the Spanish player has all of a gra, nd on the courts! His birthday: June 29th.

French Open First Name: Petra

Petra (Kvitova)

The Czech player has a name derived from Peter, Greek petros, the stone, the rock. It is true that the winner of Wimbledon in 2014 is rather solid! His birthday: June 29 with the Apostle Peter.

French Open First Name: David

David (Goffin)

The name of the Belgian player comes from the Hebrew "daoud", which means beloved, darling. It is undoubtedly one of the most common names in the world, all eras. In the Bible, David succeeds Saul and becomes king of all the people of Israel. His birthday: December 29th.

French names: Simona

Simona (Halep)

Derived Italian masculine Simon, the name Simona comes from Hebrew shimon, answered. Let's hope that the hopes of victory of the Romanian player, finalist of Roland-Garros in 2014, will be. His feast: October 28 for Simon the Zealot who suffered martyrdom by evangelizing Persia in the first century.

French names: Marin

Marin (Cilic)

The name of the player comes from the Latin word "marinus", sailor ... but it is on the courts that the Croatian spectacular service goes fishing for victories! His birthday: July 20th.

French Open First Name: Alexander

Alexander (Zverev)

The young German player has a name derived from Alexander, Greek Alexandros which can have two meanings: "the one who repels men" or "the one who protects men". Let's hope for him that he will be able to repel the opponent ... His birthday: April 22nd.

French Open First Name: Garbine

Garbine (Muguruza)

The young Spanish player won the title in 2016 ... will it be the same this year? Very rare, Garbine is a name of Basque origin which means "purification".

French Open First Name: Dominic

Dominic (Thiem)

Derived from Dominica, the name of the Austrian player comes from the Latin "dominicus", which belongs to the Lord. Will the victory belong to the 23-year-old? His birthday on August 18th.

French Open nominations: Kristina

Kristina (Mladenovic)

Nicknamed Kiki, the powerful French player carries a name of Serbian origin like her. From the Latin word "christianus", the name Kristina, derived from Christine, literally means "Christian" or "Disciple of Christ". His birthday: July 24th.

French Open First Name: Kei

Kei (Nishikori)

The name of the Japanese player is mixed and means clairvoyance. A sign for this end tactician? No feast date known.

French Open First Name: Karolina

Karolina (Pliskova)

Derived from Caroline, Karolina comes from germain karl, "virile", the opposite of the lanky and feminine Czech player! His birthday: July 17th

French Open First Name: Milos

Milos (Raonic)

The Canadian player of Yugoslavian origin wears a Czech which means "pleasant" in Greek. His feast on May 22 with Emile.

French Open first names: Tomas

Tomas (Berdych)

The Czech player's first name is derived from Thomas, from Aramaic toma, "the twin". It is celebrated on January 28 in honor of St. Thomas Aquinas or July 3 for the Apostle Thomas.

French names: Elina

Elina (Svitolina)

Derived from Helen, the name Elina comes from the Greek "helê", translated by brilliance of the Sun. Let's hope he shines for the young Ukrainian player! His birthday: August 8th.