Girl's names: dial!

Girl's names: dial!

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If today Anne-Marie or Marie-France are considered as old-fashioned first names, it is not the case of their compound form! As for girls, today Lou and Rose and other Lili are the most "married". Of course, the main interest of this type of names being to be composed ... to you to create yours!

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Girl's names: dial! (20 photos)

Girl's first names: Lily-Rose


It is undoubtedly the couple Vanessa Paradis-Johnny Depp who revived the fashion of the double names in France, with that of their daughter: Lily-Rose, born in 1999. The name Lily-Rose refers to two pretty flowers: the lilies and roses. It can be declined: Lilly-Rose, Lili-Rose or Lilie-Rose.

More information about Lily-Rose

Given names of girls: May-Lee


The success of Maylis and the new trend in Asian names have given birth to new first names in France. May comes from the Latin word Maya, deity name and Lee can come from Latin leo, "lion" but also has a Chinese origin "Li". In this second approach, the first name means "plum".

You can also choose May-Li, Mai-Lee, Mai-Li ...

Given names of girls: Lisa-Marie


Appeared in the late 1970s, this association was probably followed by French parents with the birth of Elvis Presley's daughter. Coming from England, the name Lisa is simply the diminutive of the classic Elise or Elisabeth names. As for Mary, first name of the mother of Christ and now Queen of Heaven, he comes from Hebrew Myriam, meaning "who raises".

More information about first name Lisa-Marie

Given names of girls: Lee-Lou


The name Lilou, Provencal form of Lilia, from the Latin Lilium, the lily, has logically "made little ones" after its success ... Lee-Lou (the most common), but also Li-Lou, Ly-Lou, Lee-Loo ... we know that parents do not miss originality!

Names composed of girls: Lila-Rose

Lila Rose

After Lily-Rose, here is a name composed even more floral born around 2012! You can of course choose to write it also Lilac-Rose.

Given names of girls: Lili-Jeanne


A little modern name and a retro: it is the contrast that pleases in this beautiful association, sometimes spelled Lily-Jeanne or Lily-Jane, Anglo-Saxon form. The first name Lili is based on the Latin word lilium designating the lily and symbolizing purity. From its Germanic origin, Lili means "sweet" and "noble". Feminine of Jean, Jeanne comes from Hebrew yohanan, "God forgive".

Given names of girls: Abby-Gaëlle


The Biblical name Abigael, from the Hebrew abiigayil, "joy of his father". spreads in France in different forms: Abigaëlle, Abygael, Abbygael, Abbygaëlle ...). Normal that parents have broken down by associating the diminutive English Abby and Breton name Gaëlle. More rare, we also find Aby-Gaëlle.

Given names of girls: Marie-Sara


First name composed 100% classic-biblical, Marie-Sarah appeared in the 1980s, then Marie-Sara logically emerged ... First name of the mother of Christ and Queen of Heaven, Mary comes from Hebrew Myriam, meaning "the one who raises". Of biblical origin as well, Sarah comes from Hebrew and means "princess, sovereign".

Given names of girls: Emma-Louise


A duel at the top! Emma and Louise still share the head of the list of first names ... so getting married is a good idea! Germanic heim, "house", or ermin"Big, powerful," Emma is not the diminutive of Emmanuelle, but a full name. Louise, she comes from Germanic hlod, "illustrious", and wig, "fighter".

Given names of girls: May-Line


After Maylis and Maylie, it is Mayline which decomposes since a few years. Other variants: Maï-Line, Mai-Lyne, May-Lyne, etc. Only sweet names!

Girl's first names: Lee-Ann


If the name Liane is not too popular, the Anglo-Saxon form Lee-Ann returns, perhaps driven by the success of Lou-Ann. Referring to his Latin root leo, the name Lee means "lion". The name Ann comes from the Hebrew of hannah and means "grace"

Given names of girls: Emma-Lou


Among the favorite names of French parents: Emma and, among the favorite diminutives Lou ... here is a name all composed found. Emma comes from the Germanic Heim, "house", or ermin, "big, powerful". Lou is a diminutive of Louis or Louise, his etymology comes from the old German "hlod", illustrious, and "wig", fighter.

Girls' first names: Ana-Rose

Ana Rosa

Rose is one of the most popular pivots for compound first names. With Anna, there was first Anna-Rose and then very quickly Ana-Rose. Rose-Anna has recently been born.

Given names of girls: Lily-Jade

Lily Jade

Make two short and trendy first names meet, you get a promising compound name. You can also opt for Lili-Jade. The name Lili is inspired by the Latin word "lilium" meaning "lily" and Jade comes from Spanish piedra of the ijada, "flank stone", designating a famous gemstone.

Girls' first names: Eva-Rose


When a name with international success gets married to a flower ... it's pretty, right? Eva comes from Hebrew avva, "source of life".

Given names of girls: Lena-Lou


Quite recent, here is another original idea of ‚Äč‚Äčname, this time composed of a name derived from Helen, Greek Ele, "luminous" and the famous diminutive Lou that seduces parents.

Girls' first names: Nina-Rose


Rose blooms in many composite names. The latest one associates it with Nina, a name in full progression. From Spanish "ni? A", which means little girl, Nina can also be considered a diminutive of Anne.

Given names of girls: Mai-Lan


No doubt inspired by the singer Mai Lan, here is a name in the making.

Girl's first names: Sarah-Lou


This compound of Sarah and Lou also seduces more and more parents. The Hebrew name Sarah means "the princess, the queen" As for Lou, mixed first name, it is a diminutive of Louis or Louise and it comes from the old German "hlod", illustrious, and "wig", fighter.

Given names of girls: Carla-Marie


A Franco-Latino wedding! This composite name grew up at the same time as the name Carla. Will he be able to resist time? Carla is the Italian and Spanish form of Charlotte. Mary comes from Hebrew Myriam, "the one who raises".

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