Fairy names, a magic choice!

Fairy names, a magic choice!

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A fairy name? A magic idea for your future baby. There is Morgane or Melusine, of course, but did you think of Aveline, Ciela, Alvina, Noa ... 20 fairy names to discover or rediscover.

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Fairy names, a magic choice! (20 photos)


Derived from Melanie, the Greek "melanos" which means brown, black, this beautiful name is that of a fairy tales and legends of the Middle Ages. Fairy of springs and rivers, she was the victim of a bad spell cast by her mother. Every Saturday, the lower part of his body was transformed ... into a snake's tail.

His birthday: January 26th.


From the Latin "avis", which means bird.

Name of a fairy in traditional folklore, the fairy Aveline is also the title of a comic René Goscinny. Aveline Pumpkin is a living fairy in contemporary times.

His birthday: April 29th.

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From Latin "flos, floris", the flower is the name of the Roman goddess Vegetation but also, with Pâquerette and Pimprenelle, one of three fairies protecting Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty.

His birthday: November 24th.

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Breton "mor", the sea, and "gan", son, daughter, here is the child of the sea.

Half-sister of King Arthur, this healer carried her brother to the land of Avallon to heal him. According to legend, she is presented as a good fairy or a magician rather evil.

His birthday: March 23rd.


Female name in Japan, he is male in many other countries. He means the lion in Hebrew. Aunt Ari is a legendary fairy in Franche-Comté. In Montbéliard, she distributes gifts to children at Christmas and Saint Nicolas.

His birthday: no date of celebration known.


Diminutive of Marguerite, from the Greek "margaritas", the pearl. In the Welsh and Breton traditions, the Margots (or Margotines) are little country fairies who are experts in dance.

His birthday: November 16th.

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From Latin "vivianus", which means full of life. In the legend of King Arthur, the fairy Viviane, or Lady of the Lake, is the one who hands the Excalibur sword to the enchanting Merlin and goes to collectLancelot, the Knight of the Round Table.

His birthday: December 2nd.

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From the Latin "befana epifania", Epiphany. It's not a name ... but could become one. In Italian folklore, the fairy Befana distributes gifts to children on January 6th, Epiphany Day. Sweets for those who were kind ... coal for others!


Female form of Titianus, Latin "titulus", title of honor. Titiana is the fairy queen's first name in Shakespeare's Dream of a Summer Night. His history ? Victim of a bad spell, she must fall in love with the first man she will see when she awakes ...

His birthday: January 16th.


From the Latin unda, "flot", Ondine is the name of a water fairy in the Germanic religion. This pretty nymph was known to bewitch men.

His birthday: November 10th.

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From an Arabic word meaning "the one that will live, the one that is full of life." In the culture of North Africa, Aisha Kandicha is the equivalent of our fairy Carabosse.

His birthday: September 6th.

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Derived from Rose, it is one of the famous Disney Fairies, the Garden Fairy. It is also the name of a magical character in the Pokémon game.

His birthday: August 23rd.

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From the Latin "stella", which means star, it is a derivative of Estelle.

Fairy of the Sun and the Moon, Stella is a character from the TV series of Italian origin Winx Club, also broadcast in France. Of a happy and optimistic nature ... she can inspire you for the name of your baby.

His party: May 11th.

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Like Befana, it's not a name ... but could become one. In Spain, the Meigas are fairies ... rather malevolent. In search of great love, they can be formidable. An idea of ‚Äč‚Äčoriginal name!

His birthday: no date of celebration known.


Derived from the name Cristal, itself derived from Christine.

Frost Fairy, it's the twin sister of Tinkerbell in the wonderful world of Disney. She lives in the white forest and wears a dress made of crystals of course. This name with crystalline accents you like?

Her party: May 11 with Cristal or July 24 with Christine.


Noa means to move, move, move in Hebrew and love in Japanese. In the Bible, Noa and her sisters belonged to the tribe of Manasseh. At the death of their father, they claimed their inheritance and won against the men of their clan. In the Disney world, it's the animal fairy, living in a house cut from a giant pine cone.

His birthday: no date of celebration known. Why not November 10 with Noah?


Again, an original track! In the famous game The Legend of Zelda, Ciela is a little fairy, spirit of time and courage, who will help Link in her quest.

His birthday: no date of celebration known.


From the Germanic "al" and "win", which means any friend, here is a pretty name that starts to make its way. Alvina is a fairy, a friend of the elves.

His birthday: October 1st.


Derived from Leila. From an Arabic expression meaning "the beautiful night-colored eyes" or "dark as night". In the Winx Club children's TV series, it's the fairy of the fluids ... that can influence the climate thanks to the clouds.

His birthday: no date of celebration known. Why not June 15, when the little TV heroine was born?


We do not introduce this name any more, from Hebrew myriam, "the one who raises". We know less that it is also that of a character full of curves and dynamism, Marie, one of the friends of the famous Tinker Bell and especially the one who directs all the fairies. An iron grip!

His birthday: August 15th.

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