Short names ... adopt them!

Short names ... adopt them!

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Three little letters or a simple syllable ... no more! The short names have the wind in their sails. They sound a bit like diminutives but are names in their own right. Let yourself be seduced by our selection of short names.

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Short names ... adopt them! (30 photos)


This cute name is a derivative probably of Scandinavian origin of Mary, the Hebrew "myriam", meaning the one that raises. Not widespread, it is found mainly in the United States and Germany. To celebrate August 15th.


From the Greek "kosmos", which means order, the universe, here is a rather rare name that begins to make itself known and appreciate. Please ? His birthday: September 26th.


A name full of exoticism for your doll, Tea means white, clear in Tahitian. It is also a derivative of the name Theana, the Greek "theos", God. His birthday: July 25th.


Breton form of Angel, the Greek "eggelos", meaning the messenger, this name will seduce you perhaps for your little angel! Do not forget his party on May 5th.


If it means "refuge" in Scandinavian, Liv is also a derivative of Odile, from the Latin "olivia", the olive tree. A name symbol of peace for your princess ... to celebrate March 5th. Its derivatives can also inspire you: Lya, Lia, Liz, Lyah, Liha ...


Mixed name, derived from Hebrew and the word "naomi", Noam means graceful, pleasant, but also sweet, sweet. In Arabic, it means pleasure ... So give this soft name to your loulou. To celebrate December 24th.


This beautiful middle name comes from the Greek "tahis", which means ribbon. A name that is celebrated on October 8th.


From the Latin "lux", light, or Greek name Leukos, this classic could please you ... To celebrate October 18th.


Like Amy Winehouse, this name comes from the United Kingdom and is an Anglo-Saxon derivative of the first name Aimée, the Latin "amare", which means to love ... and your choupette will be full of love! To celebrate September 13th.


Mixed name, Noa means in Hebrew move, move ... Also think of its derivatives: Noah, Noah ... His birthday: November 10.


This name of Anglo-Saxon origin is a derivative of Diane, a figure of mythology and goddess of Nature and Hunting among the Romans. Celebrate your little warrior on June 9th.


This name full of charm comes from the Greek "zoè", which means life. Derivative ideas? Zoa, Zoia or Zoya. His birthday: May 2nd or July 5th.


Derived from John, the name Jan comes from the Hebrew name Yeohanan, which can be interpreted in the sense of God gives grace ... a name full of grace to celebrate December 2nd.


Girl or boy, this mixed first name, diminutive of Louise or Louis, could seduce you! He comes from the ancient Germanic "hlod", illustrious, and "wig", fighter. To celebrate August 25 for a boy and March 15 for a girl.


From the Germanic "math", power, Maud is a very ancient form of Mathilde that was formed in England by deformation of the French Mahaut. More popular in English-speaking countries, than with us, its retro side could please you. His party ? March 14th.


This Anglo-Saxon form of William, itself derived from William (composed of the terms "will" and "helm" which mean respectively will and helmet) is very popular in Britain and the United States and still recent home. To celebrate the 10th of January.

There is

Still rare even if it is trendy at the moment, Lya is a relatively old name and a derivative of Léa, from the Latin "lea", the lioness. An ideal idea for a future winner! His birthday: March 22


For some, this mixed name comes from the word "swan", designating the swan in English, for others it's the Slavic form of the name Solenne ... it's up to you to see what you prefer! His birthday: September 25th.


Even if it comes from the Latin "paulus", meaning small or weak, this name has everything of a big! Think about his birthday on June 29th.


It is the singer of Nigerian origin who made known the African name that she chose as pseudo instead of her first name of baptism, Joy. Both have one thing in common: they mean "joy". Hope your princess will be of a temperament as happy as the meaning of her name! His birthday: August 18 with Laetitia.


This male name of Hebrew origin comes from the word "Elijah" meaning My God is Yahweh or My Lord is my God. To celebrate the 20th of July.


Coming from the Latin "pia", pious, Pia is a pretty common name in the Basque country. Celebrate your little model girl on August 21st.


Dan is not only the diminutive of Daniel, it is a full name that comes from Hebrew and means the one who judges or God is my judge. To celebrate December 11th.


Mixed name, Tao means long life or one who smiles in Chinese ... and life will smile to your wonder.


Diminutive of Anaïs, itself Occitan form of Anne, of the Hebrew "hannah", the grace, Naïs is a name especially used in Provence. To celebrate July 26th.


Diminutive of Kiana in English and Kristiana in Scandinavian, this short female name has the advantage of being rare here ... but as it is also the name of a car, maybe you prefer Kya! To you to see ... No date of celebration for this first name.


From Arabic "nûr", meaning light, Nour is one of the many names attributed to the Prophet Muhammad. It's a mixed first name whose date of celebration is unknown ... why not December 13 with Lucie, which also means light?


Derived from the Greek Therasia, name of an island of the Aegean Sea, this derivative of Thérèse comes from the Greek word "ther", meaning the wild beast. To celebrate October 15th.


Originally a surname in Ireland, Ryan became a first name, carried by his beautiful etymology, the Irish "rigan" meaning young king. An ideal choice, no? His party: March 8.


Or Lea for a girl ... names that are always popular and come from "leo" the lion, the lioness. They like it because they are short, but also hide a fire temperament. To celebrate November 10 for Leo and March 22 for Leah.

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