Corsican names, they have character

Corsican names, they have character

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Looking for an original name and full of character for your little one? Letizia, Aleria, Petru, Lesia, Andria, Laurina ... Cap on Corsica with our selection.

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Corsican names, they have character (15 photos)

Corsican names: Petru


From the Greek word "petros" which means small pebbles, Petru is the Corsican version of the name Pierre. Like many names in "u", it is popular on the island of Beauty. This is the name of singer Petru Guelfucci, emblematic figure of the revival of Corsican polyphony.
His party : June 29th.

Corsican names: Letizia


Corsican form of Laetitia, Latin "laetitia", which means joy, joy, this is a very nice name loved on the island of Beauty. The mother of Napoleon Bonaparte was also called Maria Letizia.
His party : August 18th.

Corsican names: Aleria


Female name, it is also the name of a historic city in Haute-Corse, which was the capital of ancient Corsica and a high-place of commerce with other Mediterranean civilizations. Aleria means "like an eagle" in Latin.
His party : November 3rd.

Corsican names: Vannina


From Hebrew Yohanan, which means God (Yahweh) forgives, Vannina was the name of the wife of Sampiero Corso, one of the great figures of Corsican nationalism. A name full of sweetness, no?
His birthday: June 24th.

Corsican names: Lisandru


Corsican form of Alexander, Lisandru comes from the Greek "alexein", protect, and "andros", man, warrior ... your love will protect you! Lisandru is one of the most common names on the island of Beauty. And if it's a girl, you can opt for her derivative Lisandrina.
His party : April 22nd.

Corsican names: Colomba


Derived from Dove, it is the name of the Corsican heroine of Prosper Mérimée in a new published in 1840. Ancient name, it pleases in the island of Beauty.
His party : the 31st of December.

Corsican names: Laurina


Corsican form of Laura, of the Latin "laurus", meaning crowned with laurels, here is a sweet and original name for baby. Laurina was a Corsican virgin of Aléria martyred around 300. Famous Roman baths located in Aléria carry this name.
His party : November 3 or August 10 with Laurent.

Corsican names: Andria


We do not trust appearances ... it's a little boy's name! Corsican form of André, it comes from the Greek "andros", the illustrious man.
His birthday: November 30th.

Corsican names: Antone


From the Greek "anthonomos" which means who feeds on flowers or "antônios", courageous, it is the Corsican variant of our Antoine. This is the name of the patron saint of shepherds and is very popular in Corsica.
His party : June 13th.

Corsican names: Andrea


This is a mixed first name that has character! From the Greek word "andros" which means illustrious man, it is the Corsican form of André or Andrée.
His party : November 30th.

Corsican names: Lesia


Corsican version of Elisabeth, the name Lesia comes from the Hebrew "elischeba" meaning God is my oath. We also like its derivatives Lysia and Lésiana. And you ?
His party : November 17th.

Corsican names: Chjara


Corsican form of the name Claire, from the Latin "clarus, clara", which means brilliant white. Chjara has been growing since the year 2000, mainly on the island of Beauty.

His party : August 11 with Claire or October 29 with Chiara.

Corsican names: Batista


From the Greek "baptizein" which means to immerse, so to baptize, here is the Corsican version of Baptiste. The choice also its Batistino or Batistoun derivatives ... Ready to take the water?
His party : June 24, the day of the Saint Baptist but also where we celebrate the summer solstice, the longest day of the year.

Corsican names: Felice


Happy ... this is the Latin meaning of this pretty Corsican name, derived from Felix. What bring luck to your little happiness!
His birthday: May 10th.

Corsican names: Tieru


Corsican form of Thierry, here is a name full of character. It comes from the Germanic "theud", which means people, and "rik", powerful.
His party : July 1st.