First names: 30 ideas of genius

First names: 30 ideas of genius

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Want an inventive name for your baby? Why not that of a famous inventor ... useless to dig your brains, we have concocted a small selection of names of creative geniuses!

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First Names: 30 Genius Ideas (30 photos)

First names of the inventors: Albert


You said genius? Focus on Albert Einstein, his theory of relativity and the famous equation E = mc2 in 1905. You will have to hang with your future researcher head ...

Name retro, Albert comes from the Germanic terms adal, "noble", and Berht, "brilliant". His birthday: November 15th.

First names of the inventors: Joséphine


In 1886, it was Josephine Cochrane who invented the first dishwasher. For the record, this rich American did not trust her staff to do the dishes and wanted a machine that limited the breakage. Thanks WHO ?

Josephine comes from Hebrew yôsephyâh, "God will add" and celebrate on February 8th.

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Inventors' first names: Herminie


Herminie Cadolle is the one who invented the first bra modern in 1889. This French created a lingerie house in Buenos Aires in Argentina, then in Paris. The Cadolle brand has been around ever since.

Herminie is a derivative of Hermine, the germain irmin, meaning immense, majestic. A name that also evokes a small animal with beautiful fur. His birthday on July 9th.

First names of the inventors: Alexander


Hello! The British-Canadian scientist inventor Alexander Graham Bell is known to have invented the phone in 1876 ... even if we recognize this paternity to another, the Italian Antonio Meucci. Anyway, he will remain the "dad" of the phone!

Derived from Alexander, from the Greek word alexandros, the name Alexander can have two meanings: "the one who repels men" or "the one who protects men" ... we made our choice. His birthday: February 23 and April 22.

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First names of the inventors: Charles


American inventor Charles Francis Jenkins (1867-1934) was one of the pioneers in the fields of television and cinema... but there is also Charles Babbages (1791-1871), mathematician and visionary English who was even one of the precursors of computing, the first to state the principle of a computer ... yes, it dates Charles!

Germanic karl, "virile, masculine", this name was of course also that of many kings, saints, warriors ... to celebrate November 4th.

First names of the inventors: William


A name that gives wings ... It is that of the inventor of theairliner in 1933, William Edward Boeing, an American entrepreneur who gave his name to a famous company.

The name William is the Anglo-Saxon version of our William. Germanic wil, "will," and helm, "helmet", it is celebrated on January 10th.

First names of the inventors: Louis


A name that has invention! In 1825, Louis Braille invented the alphabet for the blind and Louis Pasteur developed the vaccine against rabies in 1885. So, if a future scientist tempts you ... let yourself be tempted by this name which is also that of many kings!

Old germain lods, "illustrates", and wig, "fighter", Hlodwig became Ludwig and in free Clovis, before turning into Louis. A name to celebrate August 25th.

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First names of the inventors: Nancy


Here is a name that may augur a future greedy! It was indeed the American Nancy Johnson who invented the ice cream maker in 1843 and patented a model that is still used today.

Hebrew hannah, "(full of) grace," the name Nancy was first a diminutive Ann in England before becoming a full name. It melts you? It is celebrated on July 26th.

Inventors' first names: Percy


In 1945, the American Percy Spencer realizes that a chocolate bar has melted in his pocket near a magnetron, a piece used to create microwaves in the radars ... the idea of microwave oven was born.

Of Anglo-Saxon origin, Percy is a diminutive of Perceval and comes from Welsh Peredur, not of a novel hero. His birthday: June 29th.

First names of the inventors: François


In 1872, François Merry Delabost, a French doctor, invented the shower. Very practical, right?

Grand classic and first name worn by many kings, François comes from the Germanic franck which means "brave". His birthday: October 4th or January 24th.

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Inventors' first names: Ruth


A name girly wish because it is that of the inventor of the Barbie doll in 1959, Ruth Handler. A revolution in the toy industry! A name chosen by this American businesswoman because her daughter's name was Barbara. Needless to say, his son's name was Kenneth!

If calling your daughter Barbie does not tempt you (we understand!), Ruth is a nice alternative. Hebrew Ruth, "friend, companion" (still funny etymology when we know that Barbie is also a friend of little girls!)), Ruth is celebrated on October 2nd.

Inventors' first names: Jean


No, it was not called Pepin who invented the folding umbrella... but a French trader Jean Marius who had this idea around 1710. Then a German, Hans Haupt, who added a telescopic handle.

Of Hebrew origin, John comes from the term Yehohanan which means "God has given grace". His birthday: December 27th.

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Inventors' first names: Mark


Facebook, it's him ! Mark Zuckerberg. This king of social networks launches the first version in 2004. For the record, know that if the famous logo is blue, it's because he is color-blind and is the color he sees best ... hope that your little genius to you will not only have virtual friends!

Greek martikos, dedicated to the god Mars of the war or Latin marcus, the hammer, Mark celebrates like Mark on April 25th.

Inventors' first names: Marion


Weary of repeated laundry with her two children, the American Marion Donovan created in 1949 the first disposable diapers. At the base, she used a shower curtain to protect the cloth layer of her children ...

Inspired by Hebrew miryam or "drop of sea", Marion is a variant of Mary and is celebrated like her on August 15th.

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Inventors' first names: Isaac


Mathematician, physicist, English astronomer ... Isaac Newton is one of the most famous geniuses! Known for describing the law of universal gravitation Following an adventure with an apple, he is also the inventor of telescope for reflection in 1672. Too strong!

Hebrew yitsh'aq, meaning "he laughed" or "God smiles", Isaac is celebrating December 20th.

First names of the inventors: Barthélemy


Dyer's son converted into a tailor, Barthélemy Thimonnier invented the first sewing machine in 1829-1830. His name ? Couseuse! So, good idea for your future artist?

Hebrew bar, "son", and of Talmai, "laborer", Barthélemy is celebrated on August 24th.

First names of the inventors: Florence


She was not cold in the eyes of the American Florence Parpart! She invented the fridge modern electric in 1914.

Latin floreo, "to bloom", Florence is also the name of the co-founder of the Red Cross, Florence Nightingale. His birthday: December 1st.

Inventors' first names: Owen


The inventor of the strollerit was Owen Maclaren in 1965. Before him, another Englishman William Kent invented the first form of stroller in 1733. A garden architect, a duke had asked him to create a means of transport for his children. A cart with wheels pulled by a little pony was created ... the ancestor of the stroller.

Welsh form of Greek EugeniosWell-born, noble, Owen is the Irish form of our Eugene. To celebrate July 13th.

First names of the inventors: Elizabeth


Did you know that Monopoly was invented to denounce the way in which rich rentiers oppressed their tenants? Elizabeth Magie, an American board game designer, is responsible for the game we still enjoy today!

Anglo-Saxon form of Elisabeth, this name comes from Hebrew elisheba, "God is promise". His birthday: November 17th.

First names of the inventors: Joseph


French military engineer, Joseph Cugnot is the inventor of the first motor vehicle in 1769, a steam prototype called "Cugnot fardier".

With its retro side, this name might please you ... From Hebrew Yosef, "God will add" (a son), Joseph is the name of the husband of the virgin Mary. His birthday: March 19th.

First names of the inventors: Steve


Computer, walkman, smartphone, tablet ... the American entrepreneur Steve Jobs is inseparable from the apple brand. A genius of modern times.

Derived Anglo-Saxon Stéphane, Steve comes from the Greek stephanos, meaning crowned. His birthday: December 26th.

Inventors' first names: Margaret


Numbering machine, bag making, window frames ... a total of 87 patents were filed by the American Margaret E. Knight, considered the most famous woman inventor of the nineteenth century. This is another Margaret, Margaret A. Wilcox, who invented the first car heater in 1893.

Derived from Marguerite, Margaret comes from Persian margiritis, meaning "the pearl" ... it does not invent such a coincidence! His birthday: November 16th.

First names of the inventors: Gustave


Another genius at the will of iron! French engineer and industrialist, Gustave Eiffel is, of course, known for the famous tower and the Statue of Liberty in New York.

Of Scandinavian origin, Gustave comes from götstaf which means "the support of the gods". His birthday: October 7th

First names of the inventors: Nicephorus


The inventor of the photographyit is Nicephorus Niepce, a French engineer. If Nicephorus does not please you, know that his first name was Joseph ... more go-anywhere!

Nicephorus comes from Greek niké, "victory", and phorein, "carry". His birthday on February 8th.

Inventors' first names: Richard


Another name that carbide! In 1804, the Englishman Richard Trevithick invented the first locomotive steam ... among others.

Germanic rik, "powerful", and hart, "hard, strong", Richard evokes a name full of energy. His birthday: April 3rd.

Inventors' first names: Benjamin


The lightning rod, the bifocals, the stove American Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) was a wealth of ideas, all of which were meant to help others. He is also responsible for the firefighters and is one of the founding fathers of the United States. A great man !

Hebrew ben'yamin, "son of the right hand", the first name Benjamin is celebrated on March 31st.

First names of the inventors: Laszlo


The ball pen, it's him ! The Hungarian Laszlo Biro had this idea in 1938 following a visit to a printing press. Already a toddler, he locked himself up for hours to make things ...

Laszlo is the Hungarian form of the name Vladislas, from Hungarian vladi, "the one who possesses", "the sovereign", and slava, "the glory" ... a name that will draw a big destiny to your loulou? His birthday on June 27th.

Inventors' first names: James


New York surgeon James Leonard Corning is responsible for the epidural! An invention that dates from 1885 and that he made thanks to experiments on frogs.

Hebrew Ya'aqob, "which God favors", James is the English version of James. To celebrate July 25

Inventors' first names: Martin


When was the first call from a cellphone ? 1973! And it's an American, Martin Cooper, who is his father. Well, that's for sure, this precious tool then weighed 1.5 kg ... it has lost weight since.

The first name Martin comes from the Latin martinus, of Mars, the god of war in Roman mythology. And do not forget to call him for his party on November 11th.

Inventors' first names: Jacob


The invention of the washing machine, it's him ! Jacob Christian Schäffer, a German botanist and teacher. A mechanical model that replaced the washerwomen.

From the Hebrew "ya'aqob" which means "that God favors", the name Jacob is celebrated on December 20th.

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