Name Noël - Meaning and origin

Name Noël - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Elders, Courts, French, Hebrews, Latins

Meaning of the name:

Latin nataliswhich means "the birth", thus evoking that of Christ. Or Hebrew immanouel, "God is with us".

It is the Church that decides in 353 that the birth of Jesus would be celebrated on December 25th. Until that date, Christmas was celebrated on Epiphany Day.


The French actor Noël Noël (1897-1989), the French politician Noêl Mamère, the Huguenot captain Noël Albert, the mathematician Noël Duret (1590-1650), the Christmas actress Noël Picard (1591-1637), the Christmas painter Coypel in the seventeenth century, the journalist Noël Copin ...

There are also two saints Christmas. One was a French Jesuit Iroquois victim in Canada in 1949, and the other was a priest who fell under the Terror.

His character :

Christmas is very sociable but also very secretive. He does not like to spill on his private life and tries to protect it to the maximum. Humorous at heart, Christmas likes to tease his family, echoing the proverb "who likes, punishes well".


Noal, Nada, Nel, Nella, Nadalet, Nedelberg, Noelle, Noëlle, Christmas, Nello ...

His party :

Christmas is celebrated on December 25, October 19 and February 21.

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