Name Nolan - Meaning of the Name

Name Nolan - Meaning of the Name

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Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Celts

Meaning of the name:

Nolan comes from Ireland. This name is a nice derivative of niall which he shares the etymology "the young hero, the young champion".
This name spread in England then in the United States before landing in France in the 70s.


French footballer Nolan Roux, American actors Nolan Gould and Nolan North ...

His character :

Nolan is a real pleasure for those around him! Hugging and sensitive, he is always concerned about the well-being of his family. Be careful to make sure he takes care of him too. Well surrounded and advised, he will be dynamic and prone to do great things in his life. He loves nature and loneliness sometimes. This does not prevent him from being very pleasant in society, even to be a teaser when he feels sufficiently confident.


Nollan, Nolane, Nolhan, Nolann

His party :

The Nolan are celebrated on December 5th with Saint Neil or All Saints on November 1st. He does not have a patron saint.

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